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Imperial Capital has been successfully building better businesses since 1989. Based in Toronto, we are a unique mid-market private equity firm with a focus on partnership opportunities in U.S. and Canadian Healthcare, Business and Consumer Service industries. We have developed a highly effective investment strategy that begins with identifying attractive industry niches in which high quality businesses are built or acquired. With assets under management of approximately US$3.4 billion (CDN$4.3 billion), Imperial is currently investing from its US$800 million Fund VIII and US$230 million Preferred Equity Fund 1.

Imperial at a Glance

Founded in 1989

Our goal is to grow businesses with our partners by applying a well-crafted strategy, assembling effective teams, instilling best practices and committing significant capital to drive and execute on organic and acquisitive growth. We have a deep understanding of our industry verticals, significant expertise in fragmented sector consolidation and passion for our work. We believe in the importance of economic alignment with our management partners, which enables us to consistently generate favourable economic outcomes for all stakeholders.

A high proportion of our fund capital comes from our unique investor base of over 800 high-net-worth entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals with whom we have long-standing relationships and from specific value-added institutional partners. Our sources of capital are as entrepreneurial as the partners with whom we invest.

Top Quartile Returns for Fund IV, Fund V and Fund VI

Focus on Healthcare, Business and Consumer Services

Focus on Multi-site Service Consolidation Investments


Fund VIII launched 2021 


Assets Under Management(CDN$4.3B)


Target Investment Size
(excluding co-investors)


Current Platform Investments


Platform Investments since inception


Add-on Acquisitionsclosed per year


Unique Investment Strategy,
Developed over 30 Years

New investments begin with an industry thesis. We utilize a proprietary industry screening process to determine if an industry is attractive, and assemble a network of professionals with deep industry experience to develop a strategy for building a successful company. This process helps to ensure that we are highly knowledgeable and discerning of any industry that we pursue.

Once an industry initiative is approved, our Investment Team works to identify the best opportunity to build a platform within it. If no such company exists, we will embark on a Back, Buy and Build ("BBB") strategy wherein we assemble a team of proven executives to launch a new company. In cases where there is an existing business with strong leadership, we will partner with that company and pursue an aggressive growth plan together.

Back, Buy and Build

Over the last five years, we have built 11 companies from inception through our proprietary BBB strategy – an approach we deploy when we find an attractive industry but are unable to find the right company with which to partner. In these instances, we assemble an experienced team of executives and together launch a new company, commit significant capital and pursue our joint vision for growth. Through this process, we have gained invaluable experience and developed a step-by-step approach that has formed the backbone of our proprietary BBB playbook.

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While our more recent partnerships have employed our BBB strategy, we continue to review opportunities to partner with more established businesses, with EBITDA of up to $30 million, in which the firm’s capital and operational expertise can be utilized to accelerate the target company’s growth. Since 1989, we have partnered with 17 companies using this approach. Imperial Capital does not pursue operational turnaround situations.

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Criteria for Partnership

We are always interested in pursuing new opportunities - from launching new businesses in attractive sectors to partnering with entrepreneurs and helping them to grow. The following are some criteria that we look for.

Industry Criteria

Fragmented, recession-resistant, service-based sectors in growing and established industries

Company Criteria

U.S. or Canada based with EBITDA of $0 to $30M

Partner Criteria

Proven entrepreneur or executive with significant industry expertise and network

What Makes Imperial Capital

Four values capture the essence of how we build better businesses.
These values reflect who we are and provide insight into the relationships that we have with our partners and investors.


We believe a successful partnership rests on three pillars: fair treatment, honest communication and reliable execution.


Our business has been built with hard work, focus, resourcefulness and perseverance. We are driven by passion for our work and belief in its success.


Our approach is to ensure economic alignment with our management teams, enabling us to generate favourable economic outcomes for all stakeholders.


We collaborate, seek guidance, make joint plans, execute together and consider both the personal and professional consequences of every decision. Our partners’ success is our success.


Ask Our CEOs

“Imperial lets their leadership teams run the business. They don’t micromanage their teams, which many PE firms claim, but is rarely the case.”

Tom Thill


Ask Our CEOs

“Imperial knows that they are building a platform. They have been willing to invest in the team and systems ahead of the business scale. This allows me to think for the long term and attract world class talent to GO Car Wash.”

Bill Derwin
GO Car Wash


Ask Our CEOs

“Their word is their bond. Integrity is what I value most in a partner.”

Graham Rosenberg


Ask Our CEOs

"I met Imperial while looking for a private equity partner to work with me in the residential services space. Imperial understands the need to have industry experts supporting industry partners."

Dean Fulton
Frontier Service Partners


Ask Our CEOs

“We partnered with Imperial because they were the only firm that told us how they could work with the company we were building, rather than how we could work with them.”

Orin Litman


Ask Our CEOs

“Imperial created a partnership based on trust, collaboration and transparency.”

Mike Givlin
Certus Pest


Ask Our CEOs

“My biggest surprise in partnering with Imperial is that there haven’t been a lot of surprises. From the start, they have challenged me and supported the business in the same way.”

Rob Wiebe
Matrix Sciences


Ask Our CEOs

“Imperial is unique because they focus on entrepreneur led companies and put the founder in the driver’s seat of the company’s growth and strategy.”

Nick Williams
Keplr Vision


Ask Our CEOs

"I originally worked with Imperial Capital as a Board member of a portfolio company. Imperial is focused on building world-class companies and provides both the investment and support necessary to do so. Given the opportunity to start my own platform, Imperial Capital was the only place considered."

Rich Ennis
Fortis Fire & Safety


Ask Our CEOs

“One of the best decisions I have made in my career has been partnering with Imperial.”

Scott Hunter


Ask Our CEOs

“I met Imperial Capital when I was fundraising as a CFO for another company, connecting with over 100 private equity firms. I was so impressed by Imperial's business aptitude and willingness to jump in and problem solve, that they were my first call when I decided to start my own venture."

Brent Westhoven
Hera Women's Health


Ask Our CEOs

“We partnered with Imperial for a number of reasons, chief among them was the team's transparency and no-nonsense approach.”

Tim Gillis
STI Technologies


Ask Our CEOs

“I partnered with Imperial because they offered the best combination of value for shareholders and certainty of close.”

Steve Hynes
MRO Corporation

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