Investment strategy

Growth through collaboration,
planning and execution

Imperial Capital specializes in building market-leading service platforms through a combination of acquisitions, de novo builds and organic growth initiatives. Over the past decade, we have honed our investment strategy to emphasize a high level of collaboration, planning and execution required to achieve enduring results. As industry investors first and foremost, we spend considerable time and resources to garner a deep understanding of an industry’s unique attributes and characteristics before pursuing an investment. We also work closely with management teams we partner with, supporting them and collaborate with them to execute on strategies for long-term, sustainable growth.

Imperial at a glance

Founded in 1989

Our goal is to grow businesses with our partners by applying a well-crafted strategy, assembling effective teams, instilling best practices and committing significant capital and operating resources to drive organic and acquisitive growth. We have a deep understanding of our industry verticals, significant expertise in fragmented sector consolidation and passion for our work. We believe in the importance of economic alignment with our management partners, which enables us to consistently generate favourable economic outcomes for all stakeholders.

A high proportion of our fund capital comes from our unique investor base of over 800 high-net-worth entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals with whom we have long-standing relationships and from specific value-added institutional partners. Our sources of capital are as entrepreneurial as the partners with whom we invest.

Focus on healthcare, business and consumer services

Focus on multi-site service consolidation investments


Fund VIII launched 2021 


Assets under management(CAD$4.8B)


Target investment size
(excluding co-investors)


Current platform investments


Platform investments since inception


Tuck-in acquisitions2021 - 2023


Gross multiple of capital1Fund IV, Fund V and Fund VI


Capital invested2021 - 2023

1. 3.1x net multiple of capital for Fund IV, Fund V and Fund VI


Unique investment strategy,
developed over 30 years

We start with an industry thesis and use a proprietary screening process to determine if an industry is attractive. Once industry attractiveness has been determined, we assemble a network of experienced industry professionals to assist us in developing a strategy for building a successful company, while at the same time ensuring that we continue to become more knowledgeable about the industries we pursue.

Once an industry initiative has been approved, our Investment Team identifies the most suitable opportunity to build a platform. If no such platform exists, we will assemble a team of proven executives to launch a new company as part of our Back, Buy and Build strategy.

Back, buy and build

Over the past five years, we have built 12 companies from inception through our proprietary Back, Buy and Build strategy. As part of that strategy, we assemble an experienced team of executives and launch a new company together, committing significant capital as we pursue a joint vision for growth. The experience we have gained through this process is invaluable and has allowed us to create a step-by-step playbook for efficient execution.

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While our more recent partnerships have employed our BBB strategy, we continue to review opportunities to partner with more established businesses, with EBITDA of up to $30 million, in which the firm’s capital and operational expertise can be utilized to accelerate the target company’s growth. Since 1989, we have partnered with 19 companies using this approach.

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